[Mageia-dev] Identifying Target Markets

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Wed Oct 6 21:21:39 CEST 2010

> Selecting an "Education based" install (which could be used with other
> software selections is what I had in mind.
> This could be called the "Education software group" (for want of a
> better name).
> Like that you don't need a special "Education" version, it's the same
> DVD for everyone.
> Of course, the necessary education software has to be on the DVD.
> An excellent way to promote Mageia.
> In fact, using a common DVD, students could take a copy home, and
> install as well, the "young family" and/or "home office" software
> groups. (Which would necessarily overlap to some extent.)

That would work nicely. There is really no need for separate CD's seeing 
that many of the software packages would be complementary from one type 
of install to the next.

>> The only problem that I would see in doing such a promotion is that
>> this type of usage would require a server/client solution. This is
>> where the choice of server partnership would become important. RehHat
>> and Suse are well-known servers options in the business world. We
>> could then partner up with them and make sure that Mageia/RedHat or
>> Mageia/Suse solutions are rock solid. Unless we seek a partnership
>> with MandrivaLinux server, but in North American markets, Mandriva is
>> really not a force to contend with and is not really known.
>> Marc
> Since we're in Canada, Mageia/RedHat and Mageia/Suse make sense due to
> the greater North American presence, but Mandriva server is a major
> player in the European and South American markets.
> The advantage of using Mandriva server in Canada is English/French in
> the education system in every province.
> Like I've already said elsewhere, I'd like to see some accommodation
> with Mandriva for the commercial/server side.
> In any case, we could always offer a choice of servers. RedHat, Suse,
> and Mandriva all use compatible RPM packaging.
> André (andre999)

Yes, so I guess if there were different options of installations it 
would be a good start.


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