[Mageia-dev] What do you think about create a Mageia Welcome Center?

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Fri Oct 8 15:46:38 CEST 2010

  Am 30.09.2010 12:34, schrieb Olivier Méjean:
> Le jeudi 30 septembre 2010 12:19:43, Robert Xu a écrit :
> Is a survey necessary ?
It's not really necessary. For example, in mandriva my laptop had no internet
when booting the first time, as my wireless needs a firmware. So i never
completed the survey, and as it only started on the first boot, mandriva
never got any real data from me. Maybe when the infrastructure is up
and some releases were made, this can be discussed again.

What would be interesting is to count the mageia installations. Create
a GUID for every system at install time, and then later on when internet
is available, count the machine via this GUID.


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