[Mageia-dev] How will be the realese cycle?

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Oct 18 01:44:29 CEST 2010

Le vendredi 15 octobre 2010 à 22:00 -0500, Fernando Parra a écrit :

I am just coming back from my weekend, so I may have missed lots of
discussion, but there is 2 points in your mail that I really wanted to

> The basic/novice user doesn't read anything, doesn't request anything 
> to some like a bugzilla, 

And so, because some users are considered too lazy, we should do the
work for them ?

I am living in a world where days are only 24h long. If people are not
able to do their part of the work like "filling a proper bug report on
bugzilla to get their wish done for free by a already overworked
volunteer", the only answer I can give is 'too bad for them'. 

If packagers were not already busy, yeah, I would think we should have
more backports requests. But if there is any packager that think "I do
not have enough work, give me more", he can send me a mail and I will
have no problem to help him solve this issue fo too much free time. 

While I agree we should lower the bar for all kind of contributions, I
am not sure that giving more work to packagers by requesting backports
clearly qualify as a contribution, and so as such should not be lowered
too easily. 

So before doing anything, we need to think about scaling from our side.

> Please take in mind that we are trying to get a considerable number of new users. 

I do not think I am ok to be counted in the "we" you use. I do not think
I want, nor that I will even try to get a considerable number of new
users, I want a sustainable number of users that can be properly taught
of free software way and ecosystem, so they can be later part of the
community as people who help us in very direct way. And that's what I
will try to do.

Michael Scherer

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