[Mageia-dev] LibreOffice

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Nov 4 16:17:44 CET 2010

Marc Paré a écrit :
> Bonsoir André:
> I had a talk with a LibO member and he says that a French packager on 
> the Mageia team could be interested in helping to package LibO for 
> Mageia. Maybe you could do this together and help each other out? It 
> could help cut down on time, just in case the LibO distro versions 
> show up fast and furious.
> Marc

Salut Marc :

Bonne idée !
Could you give his Mageia id, so I can contact him ?
Or give him my Mageia id ?
(Not email, unless you do it privately, as all emails in the body of the 
text are publicly visible.)
If this packager has experience, especially with Mandriva, that would 
help a lot.
(Since anything in Mandriva cooker risks to be automatically included in 
If not, we can learn together.

- André

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