[Mageia-dev] Mirror list for apps (LONG mail)

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Nov 4 17:11:50 CET 2010

Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> My main points in this - seen from the user's side:
> 1. If an automatic mirrorlist is used by urpmi there must be the
> ability to jump to the next mirror if the first one is not available
> or outdated. This was already requested some time ago in Mandriva and
> Mageia should not start a mirrorlist system without this feature.
Agree totally.
My closest mirror is often not up to date (by a day or 2), and is down 
for a few hours every night.  (It is hosted at a small university.)
So often for updates, I get an error message about being unable to 
download.  I have to wait a day or 2, or update manually from another 

> 2. Whatever system is used, the user must have the option to select a
> mirror if he wants to (like in SmartUrpmi). In short: there must be
> the easy option to override the automatic system, like it is now with
> Mandriva. Example: if the next mirror (selected by the mirrorlist
> system) is too slow for the user's needs.
Exactly.  The closest mirror is also relatively slow, and only allows a 
single connection.
The 2nd and 3rd closest mirrors belong to a large network of mirrors, 
with very fast download, multiple connexions, and transparently selects 
the particular mirror site.
But currently, with Mandriva, I can't select it as my default.

With Sourceforge, for example, every time I download I can select an 
alternate default mirror if I want to.  Which remains the default the 
next time I download.  That would be ideal.
> wobo

- André

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