[Mageia-dev] sync with mandriva

P. Christeas p_christ at hol.gr
Sun Nov 7 07:18:30 CET 2010

On Sunday 07 November 2010, Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz wrote:
> Well,
> as in mandriva list it seems that live will be again.  I was wondering for
> those we contrib in both distros.  I mean for example me: i maintan squid
> and snort (for example).  I wonder if there is a way so i may affect
> package once and build in both distros (because these packages for example
> wont change, i mean patches and compiled options will be the same).
Given that your squid could be built from /exactly/ the same package+tarballs 
in both Mandriva and Mageia[1], you could theoretically rsync between your 2 
local svn checkouts and then checkin.. But not the most beautiful procedure.

BUT, if it had been for git-based package tracking:
..  you would have 2 branches at the same git repo, for Mandriva, Mageia. And 
one, third, for the official upstream sources, actually.  You would be able to 
hack one branch and let squid build, install etc. Then, you would /merge/ from 
one distro branch to the other, or cherry-pick, or rebase, or anything 
suitable for your changes. No need to have identical code in both of branches, 
at all.
And then simply push to Mageia, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSe, Debian, the upstream 
squid etc, the N-th mirror of Mageia and so on...
Moreover, if somebody else had hacked squid for Mandriva, you would be able to 
fetch his/her changes, merge the ones you wanted into Mageia, and repeat the 
"push" step.
You see, having multiple masters, multiple committers is what git is unique 
at. It is where svn sucks, by contrast.

> Hope we can work together
I hoped too, but ...

[1] that would require carefully-written .specs, too. And the condition that 
both distros will remain compatible in dependency, rpm macros issues.

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