[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Sat Nov 27 19:00:17 CET 2010

Michael scherer skrev 27.11.2010 10:43:
> On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 10:29:14PM +0200, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>> Then we come to the "problematic" part:
> This part look really too complex to me.
>> ------
>> /x86_64/
>>         /media/
>>               /codecs/ (disabled by default)
> so, ogg, webm, being codec, should go there or not ?
> What about patents problem about something else than codec ?
> ( freetype, image such as gif, DRM stuff )

Actually this is the "maybe_legal_greyzone" repo,
but since flagging it as "codecs" would really make people
react, I named it so for now...

>>               /core/ (old main+contrib)
>>                    /backports/ (disabled by default)
>>                    /backports_testing/ (disabled by default)
>>                    /release/
>>                    /testing/ (disabled by default)
>>                    /updates/
>>               /extra/ (unmaintained, disabled by default)
> If used by people, then why no one step to maintain anything ?

Yeah, thats the problem.
And reality shows we have a lot of packages assigned to nomaintainer@ ...

> If someone take the maintainace, does it mean that we will move the package ?

And if a package in /core/ gets orphaned, it will be moved to /extra/ 
after a "grace period" of a month or so...

>>               /firmware/ (disabled by default)
> Why separate firmware from non_free ? What does it bring ?
> Since both of them are disabled by default, they can be simply merged.

Well, this suggestion is partly based on the fact that we have users 
that want a firmware free install, wich this would satisfy...

But yes, if we ignore those suggestions, we split the firmwares in GPL 
-> /core/ and the rest to /non-free/

>>               /games/ (disabled by default)
> That's a simplification that make no sense.
> Not all games are big, not all big packages are games ( tetex, openoffice ).

It's not only a size question, its also a nice option for companies to 
not mirror games ("employees should work, not play...")

And we have some contributors that already have stated that they plan to 
add all possible games so it will grow.
and we all know games are the fastest growing /space demanding...

> This only bring complexity on our side, complexity on mirror side, and
> bring few improvement to users. A rather more precise label would be to have
> /contents/ repository, as this is not the game that take space, but the content.
> And a explicit policy of splitting content from big packages, with a explicit size or
> expected size for limit ( like if the package is more than 100 mo ). That's also a media
> where deltarpm would make sense, or someting like that. In the mean time this would
> only bring complexity to everybody else.
>>               /non-free/ (disabled by default)
>>               /debug_*/ (disabled by default)
> And what are the relation of requirements ?
> Ie, what can requires non_free, codecs, games, etc ?

IMHO /core/ should be selfcontained.
We are promoting open source after all.

> And what about something that can goes in both media, ie a non_free
> game goes where ? A unmaintained codecs goes where ?

Yeah, to be precise, that would need a games_non-free

For codecs either a extra_codecs or simply drop after a grace period.
but I guess codecs are important to people, so hopefully they wont get 


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