[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Renaud MICHEL r.h.michel+mageia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 21:54:18 CET 2010

On dimanche 28 novembre 2010 at 21:12, Thomas Backlund wrote :
> So the mirror medias accordingly to all comments so far would be a
> simple:
> * core
>    - enabled by default
>    - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>    - only GPL stuff

I guess you meant free (as defined by FSF, or we can make our own 
definition, like debian), we surely don't want to restrict ourself to GPL-
only stuff.

>    - must be selfcontained
> * nonfree
>    - disabled by default, installer will ask to enable it if
>      it detects hw that need driver/fw from here...
>    - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>    - contains apps/drivers/firmware that are free to redistribute,
>      but we dont have GPL source for
>    - for example ati/nvidia drivers/firmware, Oracle Java, ...
> * tainted
>    - disabled by default
>    - mirrors are free to not mirror this media
>    - stuff we think we can redistribute, but that may have some
>      patent issues or other restrictions in oter countries.

Merging "codecs" and "firmware" into "tainted" makes sense.

So "games" and "extra" gets merged back into core (except for non-free games 
of course), won't this make an enormous repos?

I think it was better to have a separated games repos, as it will quickly 
get big, and is likely to have frequent backports (as gamers generally want 
to have the latest release).

Would it be possible to have a separate games sub-project, that won't freeze 
to make releases with the rest of mageia?
Instead it would be an always updating repos which is compiled with the 
latest stable release (or even the previous, if it is possible to have 
packages that install correctly on both).
The project would only have a "testing" and "release" (or another name to 
avoid confusion with other "release" repos which are frozen), this way you 
could quickly have new versions of all the games, if they don't need 
bleeding-edge libraries (I think they rarely does).

Renaud Michel

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