[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout

Ernest N. Wilcox Jr. ewilcox at bex.net
Thu Dec 9 16:14:20 CET 2010

Perhaps we should follow the approach other distributions seem to use.

Official Mageia repos:

Core: The core Mageia distribution (IMHO, should contain only a very minimal 
instalation (No GUI or Productivity software).

Desktop: GUI and Productivity software.

Server: The various sserver software that would not normally be used on a 
Desktop system.

Community: Community suppoted GPL software

Non-Official Mageis repos (optional):

Non-GPL: Software that is not GPL Licensed

Extra: Software that can not be included in the above categories

Since I am not knowlegable about running an FTP mirror, I do not know whether 
it is best to put these listings under a single tree, or to split them into 
two trees, but if we split them, perhaps we could approach PLF to host the 
Non-officvial repos?

This is only a suggestion (and we may have already moved past this point), but 
perhaps this will let us be more flexible to the end users (both DeskTop and 
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