[Mageia-dev] mageia sound tasks

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Sat Dec 18 15:16:07 CET 2010

Quote: Ahmad Samir wrote on Sat, 18 December 2010 15:05

> The Mageia-dev ML is the current official packagers ML, such packaging
> discussions are supposed and expected to happen here.

Sure, but that doesn't stop anyone from using other communications if they
want to, we are all volunteers and everyone is free to use the means they

> This looks like coercing other packagers into adapting your point of
> view "if you don't agree with my POV then you're not an open community
> distro"; I don't like that attitude one bit.

Nobody is coerced by me, in fact I believe in the 'live and let live'
principle, it's actually some dismissive posts here that made me defend
this principle.

> In any distro there're rules and guidelines that should be followed
> (look at Debian for example); being a community distro doesn't mean
> anyone gets a free reign to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Calm down, I don't see where I said anything to get you worked up like

> Note that Michael is discussing the issue, he didn't make final
> decisions. If you have a productive argument to make please do so,
> otherwise please refrain from calling other peoples' posts "silly" (or
> "non-sense" judging from your other posts on the ML).

Michael's initial post in this thread was very dismissive and not
productive at all, if anything you should be criticising him, I don't see
why you are attacking me here?

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