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SaschaS ungleichklang at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 20:01:19 CET 2010

A wizard sounds like a good idea....

are there any howtos on Wizards for M??

greetings, sascha

2010/12/18 Michael scherer <misc at zarb.org>

> On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 10:03:36AM +0100, SaschaS wrote:
> > So I see basically that we need a guidline on how mageia deals with
> Spinoffs
> > first.
> >
> > If all task are in the repos, I can understand those who say that there
> are
> > to many task.
> The problem is not that there is too much more than the consequence of the
> high number of task-*.
> rpmdrake, who is the main consumer of task-* rpm
> convention, show all of them as 1 single list. So basically, with lots of
> tasks-
> rpm, you just have a big unsorted list of category. Obviously not good for
> endusers.
> While it would be useful to group task into sound category, for the moment,
> we cannot. One way would be to encode this information in the name ( ie,
> decide
> that task-sound-foo and task-sound-bar are part of the sound category ).
> I am not sure that using the name for this is a good idea. It is quite
> poor,
> in term of metadata, and that's still a tree structure, while may a tag
> based
> one may be better ( like Debian do, for example ).
> More ever, it doesn't make much sense to have task-lamp-* task-nagios and
> task-kde4
> at the same level, they are not destined at the same public.
> Not to mention that installing rpm is ust half of the solution,
> configuration is
> the other one. While we can to some extend push configuration in the rpm,
> there
> is some that we cannot do reliably ( like adding a user to a group ).
> So maybe a wizard is a better solution than using a rpm that does magically
> everything.
> --
> Michael Scherer
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