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Sascha Schneider ungleichklang at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 00:05:50 CET 2010

2010/12/18 yvan munoz <mr.yvan.munoz at gmail.com>

> ps : the real trouble about sound-studio seems to be "how to provide
> non-free support" ? (eg : compil most softwares with mp3 support, and vst
> support) It is possible to provide this supports but without distribute the
> lib of ? example : compil qtractor with mp3 + vst support, but wihtout
> provide lib for mp3 and vst : software could but user need to install
> himself mp3 and vst ?

Found a workaround for myself for that:
1) instead of mp3 use ogg -> if they want libs for mp3 they have to install
them by themself
2) I'm not 100% shure on this, but afaik you only need the VST-Headers if
you want win32-vst
there are some native linux vst plugins out there that do not require this
Plus there is a very nice development of DSSI and LV2 stuff going on at the
The new calf plugindesign f.e., Invada Studio DSSI ....
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