[Mageia-dev] mageia sound tasks

Sascha Schneider ungleichklang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 12:08:12 CET 2010

Hi muny, nice you joined.

your script looks very good, will go through it in detail this eve, thanks
for posting and joining.

The GtFxFloorboard is an app to create effects with the Boss GT-series
It has no sounds or effects itself, one will have to buy a BossGT
Runs both on 32bit and 64bit Linux.
this is the projectpage of gumtown who wrote this nice little gui.

regards, saschas

2010/12/21 yvan munoz <mr.yvan.munoz at gmail.com>

> Re Sascha, i post an script idea for your review.
> Only for idea on "what we need to configure" not for use itself, not for
> users
> Feel free to destroy or improve :)
> ps : what is this ???
> http://api.ning.com/files/wW2idnZhBeMI5mcdz*S108XoY2cud0alNupOzCi8K7GyZRWhfRV3LfVQp7VZsqosA1NUchdwvv3t*Gen1N4BjtiarucY*caG/GtFxFloorboard.jpg
> FLOSS ??
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