[Mageia-dev] mageia sound tasks

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 21 22:07:05 CET 2010

--- En date de : Mar 21.12.10, yvan munoz <mr.yvan.munoz at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Franck, question : have any Jost (and Jucetice) X86-64 version ?

No I don't. Jost is vst-based and needs the famous proprietary header files, if this hasn't changed since a while.

About the Qtractor question earlier: 
1) Qtractor needs vst headers only for supporting native linux vsts (yes such things exist, mda plugins and jost are examples). It has vestige by default if (as in distro case) proprietary headers are not compiled in. I do not think that proprietary stuff is that much important for musicians given that lv2/dssi lives a true revival at this moment. mda has been almost fully ported to lv2, but not yet officially released, calf is a very good set of lv2s. 
2) Qtractor (as other dssi or ladspa hosts) can use dssi-vst as wrapper for (that is: run) many vst plugins, but they won't really run in realtime as far as I have seen/heard ;), and for this it doesn't need vst headers at all. 

This gets very technical and off-topic now, and I promise to fill in my thoughts into the wiki page within the next week, sorry to be slow atm. 

Glad to see movement on this end.


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