[Mageia-dev] mageia sound tasks

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Wed Dec 22 10:51:03 CET 2010

SaschaS skrev 17.12.2010 18:49:
> After having a looong chat with the guys from linux4audio and reading
> tons of posts in ccrma forum, I must say .....
> Idea with an rt-kernel for netbooks ....... DISMISSED .... it simply
> makes no sense.
> Those guys mostly use gentoo and build their own kernel for years now
> and they gave me the following hints, that also can be found in
> discussions of other distributions:
> 1) the kernel (without preemption-patch) should have
> Processor type and features>>  Preemption Mode>>  Complete Preemption (Real-Time)

This is already enabled in kernel-tmb

> Processor type and features>>  Timer frequency>>  1000 HZ

This is already enabled in all -desktop kernels

> General setup>>  RCU Subsystem>>  RCU Implementation (Preemptable tree-based hierarchical RCU)

This is already enabled in kernel-tmb

>   Proccesor Type and features >> Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks) should
> be excluded

This one you can get by booting with "nohz=off" on the kernel command line.


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