[Mageia-dev] Setting NFS shars and making the process more user friendly

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 14:52:08 CET 2010

Op maandag 27 december 2010 14:44:11 schreef andre999:
> Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> > Op zondag 26 december 2010 09:50:34 schreef Marc Paré:
> >> I was just recently reminded of this on a Mdv list. Is there a way to
> >> make the setting of NFS shares easier for users. Way back in Mandriva
> >> 2008 the NFS process was very well done and users would only have to
> >> establish NFS shares with other computers and the etc/fstab was properly
> >> written.
> >> 
> >> Since Mdv 2009 the process seems to have been broken and I have had to
> >> go into the fstab and change manually the pathway to from "computername"
> >> to "ip pathway".
> >> 
> >> I had posted the fix on the MDV forums and put in a bug for this. I am
> >> not sure if my bug was not well written and maybe that is why it was
> >> never really taken up by the dev team.
> >> 
> >> You can find the post here:
> >> http://forum.mandriva.com/en/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=113793 and you will
> >> find the process to establish NFS shares at the very bottom of the post.
> >> NOTE that the shortcut to the bugzilla no longer works.
> >> 
> >> I still use this process with MDV2010.2 and set my fstab by hand. I have
> >> 4 networked MDV boxes in the house and they all use NFS shares.
> >> 
> >> It would be nice if this were fixed with Mageia as it would be quite an
> >> advantage from a user's point of view as this would make the setting of
> >> shares fullproof. Setting up of NFS shares could then be advertised as a
> >> positive point from a marketing point of view.
> >> 
> >> Note the the setting of NFS shares comes up constantly on helplists and
> >> most of these involve the fstab.
> >> 
> >> Marc
> Note that when Mageia bugzilla is set up, current proposals are to
> import MDV bugs - at least the current ones.
> So posting the bug on MDV bugzilla, with the proposed solution is the
> best bet for now.
> We can (collectively) try to ensure that it is corrected in Mageia once
> imported, even if nothing happens in MDV.

i don't want to restart the whole argument, but i only partly agree,

i would say it's the packager's responsibility to import the bugs from mdv, if 
they are required while importing the package? perhaps.

while i would not like dual bugs, also importing the whole buglist seems a bit 
over the top.

> > while we're on the subject, imo, user accessible NFS shares could be used
> > with the notification area; like it was a USB disk, then people can
> > mount/unmount it easier; or perhaps less problems if network is suddenly
> > disabled and we have mounted NFS hosts.
> Good idea.  That should go into bugzilla too.
> André
> André

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