[Mageia-dev] replace mysql by mariadb ? (was HEADSUP: mariadb available for testing)

Luc Menut lmenut at free.fr
Thu Dec 1 00:28:34 CET 2011

Le 30/11/2011 22:34, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> Op dinsdag 29 november 2011 00:21:04 schreef Maarten Vanraes:
>> so please, test mariadb, build stuff against lib64mariadbclient18 , and
>> give opinion to which option to choose: A/B .
> ok, so :
> 3 people vote B
> 0 people vote A
> 0 people have disagreement
> ==>  100% agreed

Please, you should first ask on the ML with a proper subject like "[RFC] 
replace mysql by mariadb for mga 2 ?" and don't hide this 
choice/question in a thread where you announce that mariadb is available 
for testing. And wait at least one week, so that people have time to reply.

Do you know some distribution that have done this replacement?

I just quickly look at 3 main distributions;
- Fedora doesn't seem to have mariadb,
- OpenSuse has mariadb, but still builds there packages againt mysql,
- Debian doesn't seem to have mariadb.

and this replacement doesn't seem to be so easy as you claim:
e.g. http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=284810

Do you agree to fix all the bugs introduced by the replacement of mysql 
by mariadb?

When this was discussed a first time on this list, Nicolas Vigier 
proposed to start with mariadb as an alternative:
"I would start with mariadb as an alternative. Then drop mysql later,
if/when it's confirmed that mysql is really dead and we could check
that mariadb is a good replacement."

I agree with this, and I think that it's still a sensible choice.


Luc Menut

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