[Mageia-dev] replace mysql by mariadb ? (was HEADSUP: mariadb available for testing)

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Thu Dec 1 08:34:11 CET 2011

Op donderdag 01 december 2011 00:28:34 schreef Luc Menut:
> Please, you should first ask on the ML with a proper subject like "[RFC]
> replace mysql by mariadb for mga 2 ?" and don't hide this
> choice/question in a thread where you announce that mariadb is available
> for testing. And wait at least one week, so that people have time to reply.

yes, i'll do so, problem is that i didn't get any testing, so i need to put it 
into core/release to get more testing.

if mariadb doesn't work, we can easily switch back by just rebuilding mysql 
and dropping mariadb for that moment.

also, i tested with amarok among others, without a problem

This is the up-coming 5.5 branch, which my plan is to keep testing as we go 
along to mga2

I also have good contacts with upstream about this.

i'll send a new thread on this, but it's not a final decision, it's nothing 
more than just a way to get more testing so we can decide to opt-out or not.

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