[Mageia-dev] Replacing mysql with mariadb

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Dec 1 10:32:14 CET 2011

'Twas brillig, and Maarten Vanraes at 01/12/11 08:05 did gyre and gimble:
> The way I see it, there are 2 possibilities:
> A. I remove the mysql-client, libmysqlclient, mysql-common and assorted 
> packages from mysql, and provide them with mariadb, since libmysqlclient is 
> drop-in replacable (same library ABI and such), there is not 100% requirement 
> of rebuilding all libmysqlclient dependant programs.

I think that rather than just provide them, it would make sense to use
the update-alternatives system.

It's going to be quite hard to rip out one package and drop in the other
without some problems so it would be nice if we could install both at
the same time and switch between them with a simple update-alternatives
plan. This would perhaps facilitate easier testing too (i.e. easy to
compare one to the other and switch about etc.)

In the initial stages you can make MariaDB have a higher priority in the
update-alternatives setup to encourage more usage/testing coverage.

While I appreciate it's extra effort for you and QA, I think this is the
best route forward for mga2 at least.



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