[Mageia-dev] Unable to boot into kernel-3.1.3

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Dec 1 11:25:05 CET 2011

'Twas brillig, and Kira at 01/12/11 05:53 did gyre and gimble:
> Have you done with the update?

Yeah. I even CC'ed you in on a mail about it! Perhaps by CC'ing you it
broke your filtering and made the mail *less* obvious... backfire if it
did! Won't CC you this time and let you get it from the list :)

> I saw the update today and remade the
> mkinitrd, but still not working. Same error message.

Hmm, bummer.

I have updated the package again, but it shouldn't really make any
difference. Please update it all the same when it reaches your mirror.

Then can you do the following after regenerating the initrd:

1. Become root.
2. mkdir ~/boot
3. cd ~/boot
4. zcat /boot/initrd.img | cpio -id  # NB replace the initrd file name
if needed
5. find lib/modules/*/kernel -type f
6. ls lib/dracut/hooks/mount/
7. ls lib/dracut/hooks/pre-pivot/

In theory, there should be a file in the last directory (pre-pivot)
called 50mount-usr.sh It's its job to mount the /usr partition, but it
obviously fails for some reason.

Also, I presume /etc/ is on your root file system (I think that's pretty
much a requirement)?

What file system are you actually using? You said it's a pure fs (i.e.
no LVM), but is it e.g. btrfs or xfs etc.? Does the module needed to
support that fs exist in the output from 5?

Please attach/paste the output from commands 5-7 to your reply.

Cheers and thanks for working through this with me.



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