[Mageia-dev] Replacing mysql with mariadb

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Thu Dec 1 21:00:25 CET 2011

Op donderdag 01 december 2011 09:42:13 schreef D.Morgan:
> > so please, test mariadb, build stuff against lib64mariadbclient18
> we have several critical stuffs working on mysql, can't we wait for
> mga3 to work on this ?

We always have critical stuff working on mysql.

> We already broke a lot of stuffs in cauldron for now ( systemd is the
> more important ). Mikala told that akonadi works with mysql so before
> pushing in core/release i would appreciate you work on this to make
> sure it builds/works with mariadb.
> can you ?

of course i can wait some more, however, it's because people don't test it, 
that i'm wanting to test in core/release.

I believe mikala said to his padawan that when i submit mariadb to 
core/release that he should see if akonadi and/or amarok can build on it.

this is not to say that i don't have done any local testing of course... but 
core/updates_testing is just not used at all... it's been 3 weeks.

my point is that we can submit mariadb so that it does get proper testing 
before alpha2.

I believe if it isn't workable, we can always delete mariadb and resubmit 
mysql? right?


PS: i didn't test everything, but the things i did test, did not have 
issues... so i don't think this is truly that problematic.

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