[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release sauerbraten-2010_07_28-1.mga2

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Mon Dec 5 12:33:28 CET 2011

Le lundi 5 décembre 2011 12:21:42, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> Op maandag 05 december 2011 12:15:11 schreef zezinho:
> > Le lundi 5 décembre 2011 12:12:18, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> > > theorethically, people could make another data packages that is free?
> > > no? i mean, if the engine is free, it doesn't really make sense to
> > > make it nonfree... ?
> > 
> > Yes, but to work for now, the engine package requires the non-free
> > source. If a user has disabled non-free, he will get an error.
> i don't know if this is a bad idea: iirc the error is something like:
> "can't find data package" or something... imho you can suggest it and put
> a README.urpmi saying you'll need nonfree data...
> but perhaps this is a discussion more suited in another place...

It someone really wants the engine to build its own data (which I doubt), they 
can still download from the upstream website, so for the vast majority of 
users (if not 100%!) the engine will be of no use without the data. 

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