[Mageia-dev] MariaDB 5.5.18 on cauldron tonight

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Wed Dec 7 19:11:23 CET 2011


I'm letting you know that i'm rediffing the patches and local testing MariaDB 
5.5.18 and that I'll be submitting it to core/release which will obsolete 
MySQL . In the event of not-easily solved bugs, i'll be removing Mariadb and 
resubmitting MySQL.

Big thanks to people who have tested it, due to some testing i found a 
longstanding MySQL bug that was present likely for a long time and fixed it 
both on MariaDB and MySQL.

At 9 December depending on comments we should be either having only MySQL, 
both MariaDB and Mysql or MariaDB only, which will then be able to tested in 
the upcoming alpha2.

Kind regards,


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