[Mageia-dev] MariaDB 5.5.18 on cauldron tonight

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Thu Dec 8 00:58:04 CET 2011

Maarten Vanraes skrev 7.12.2011 22:31:
> Op woensdag 07 december 2011 20:38:16 schreef Thomas Backlund:
>> After Alpha2 I guess we need to discuss this on a council meeting to
>> get a decision for Mageia 2.
> fine, i don't see the need of why to have a council meeting wrt this though...

Sorry for being unclear, I was just pointing out that if we cant agree 
on the ml, council has the power to decide.

> lemme know when there _IS_ a good moment to submit

Fact is... I'm very much interested in mariadb, and given Oracles track 
record, I suspect soon mariadb will be the only real choice.
And since I know who upstream is, I have no problem switching...

The thing I reacted against is the bad timing and even worse test planning.

You suggested to push mariadb in the middle of a big kde upgrade, wich
pretty much means half part would have been built against mysql and the
rest against mariadb... (yes I know it should work tecnically, but...)
And then you suggested that if it does not seem to work we pull it back 
out 2 days later -> meaning no real time to test, and messing it up
even more... thats not how you do proper testing/qa...

There must be a _way_ better longterm plan to get people to really
think about it...

So here is what I suggest:

After Alpha2 ISOs are relased to the mirrors:
1. announce the upcoming push on -dev ml to remind people
2. push mariadb to core/release obsoleting/replacing _all_ of
3. rebuild _everything_ that normlly builds against mysql to make
    sure it builds correctly against mariadb and still works after

Now for thq QA / testing part:
1. we use mariadb in Alpha3 (planned 2012 Jan. 12) and keep
    fixing any bugs that might show up.
2. around ~10 days before Beta1 (planned 2012 Feb. 21) we evalute
    the situation... if it still seems to work, keep using mariadb
    for Beta1
3. final call: 1-3 days before version freeze (planned 2012 Mar. 7)
    This it the point of no return... Here we decide if we go mariadb
    or mysql for Mageia 2. Whatever we decide at this point is not up
    for discussion anymore after this, as version freeze will be
    enforced (with small reservation for KDE/Gnome release schedules)
    This way we have Beta2 (planned 2012 Mar. 15) and RC (planned
    2012 Apr. 10) to flush out any problems we might get by reverting
    to mysql.

And to be more specific about all needed testing for mariadb:
- testing all apps built against mariadb
- testing by creating all kinds of databases in mysql, and see
   if mariadb is capable of upgrading/supporting them
- testing if sql clients still work when accessing (remote)
   mysql servers.
- for those that feel brave, try to put it into live setups

How does this plan sound ?


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