[Mageia-dev] Build-in or stand-alone module for X to support Y

Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Sat Dec 10 13:12:52 CET 2011


A package X may have support for a package Y, by a module as a build in  
X or stand-alone package. All modules are possible to turn-on and to 
turn-off in a menu of X.

And there is a discussion because there is no Y at all in Mageia.
Person A says:
- include the module, even if there is no Y in Mageia (and maybe never 
will be included), because an end-user can install Y from alternative 
source or compile it from sources; and don't add Suggests/Requires for Y 
in the package, because it's obvious that this is to support Y; also 
installing Y from alternative sources/self-compilation is much simpler 
than reinstalling X with support for Y
Person B says:
- don't include the module, because Y is a dependency for the module of 
X - and we don't ship broken packages that aren't self-contained; so it 
must be excluded from X or the nobody has package Y and maintain it

Neither A nor B want to work with Y package.

Who is right?

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