[Mageia-dev] Build-in or stand-alone module for X to support Y

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sat Dec 10 14:11:33 CET 2011

Op zaterdag 10 december 2011 14:06:18 schreef Kamil Rytarowski:
> W dniu 10.12.2011 13:45, Maarten Vanraes pisze:
> > Op zaterdag 10 december 2011 13:12:52 schreef Kamil Rytarowski:
> >> Hello!
> >> 
> >> Situation:
> >> A package X may have support for a package Y, by a module as a build in
> >> X or stand-alone package. All modules are possible to turn-on and to
> >> turn-off in a menu of X.
> >> 
> >> And there is a discussion because there is no Y at all in Mageia.
> >> Person A says:
> >> - include the module, even if there is no Y in Mageia (and maybe never
> >> will be included), because an end-user can install Y from alternative
> >> source or compile it from sources; and don't add Suggests/Requires for Y
> >> in the package, because it's obvious that this is to support Y; also
> >> installing Y from alternative sources/self-compilation is much simpler
> >> than reinstalling X with support for Y
> >> Person B says:
> >> - don't include the module, because Y is a dependency for the module of
> >> X - and we don't ship broken packages that aren't self-contained; so it
> >> must be excluded from X or the nobody has package Y and maintain it
> >> 
> >> Neither A nor B want to work with Y package.
> >> 
> >> Who is right?
> > 
> > imho, if Y is wanted by some people, and X works more of less fine
> > without Y even if it's support is compiled, and sometimes a get-Y
> > package is fine.
> > 
> > imho it's maintainer's preference, if maintainer is fine to also "support
> > the Y-module for X" even if depends on Y and Y is not allowed in mageia,
> > or even if Y is in nonfree... it's fine by me.
> > let's get into specifics:
> Well here there is no nonfree, demo, shareware, license issue. Just Y is
> yet another media-player. Importing Y is not a case for neiher A nor B.
> There is a question to include or not include a module (as an external
> package %{name}-module-mediaplayer_Y) for X. X is working perfectly
> without Y - Y is just adding some extra features. But the module for X
> is NOT working without Y. Well it's probably not breaking X, there will
> be an error message "error loading module-mediaplayer_Y".

you could find a way to configure it as disabled?
 or move it to a subdir of sorts with a mention that if they do have Y that 
they can put this file in the other dir.

or... have a subpackage for this module and don't suggest it. plus have a 
warning in it to say that it requires bla.

so my vote is for A)

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