[Mageia-dev] Where to report mageia 2 alpha 1 problems?

Manuel Hiebel manuel at hiebel.eu
Sat Dec 10 15:20:09 CET 2011

Le samedi 10 décembre 2011 à 21:23 +0800, Franklin Weng a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I tested mageia 2 alpha 1 (KDE live CD) for the audio problem (bug
> 2437) and at the same time I found another two problems.
> Where can I report it?  The wiki pages seem to be down for now.

Which wiki page is down ?

https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_2_alpha1 is up and there is a link to

> 1. When I launched Telepathy account manager I got an error message
> saying that, "Something went terribly wrong and the IM system could
> not be initialized.  It is likely your system is missing Telepathy
> Mission Control package."  So there is no telepathy mission control
> package in KDE live cd, is there?
> 2. If I turned "Screenshot" KDE desktop effect on, I still got
> problems getting screenshot with ksnapshot.  It is an old problem in
> mageia 1.
> Please tell me where I can report these problem.  I'll report it again
> to where it should go.
I have not check if we have already a bug report for each one but feel free to do them. 
(or ping/ reopen if there is one)
> Thanks,
> Franklin

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