[Mageia-dev] [RFC] nouveau, swrastg, libdri-drivers-experimental

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Wed Dec 14 02:45:14 CET 2011

On 05.12.2011 08:09, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Hi!
> 1. nouveau
> I propose to move nouveau DRI drivers from libdri-drivers-experimental
> to libdri-drivers.
> Fedora moved them out of -experimental in last January, Ubuntu in last
> June, OpenSUSE in July (though OpenSUSE doesn't have the legacy
> nouveau_vieux DRI driver at all), and Debian a week ago.
> I've been running with it for the last week or so with no problems on my
> card.

No one was against, so I'm moving nouveau drivers to main dri-drivers

> 2. swrastg
> It seems we have both swrast_dri.so and swrastg_dri.so in libdri-drivers
> package.
> swrast_dri.so is the traditional SW rasterizer used when there is no HW
> support.
> swrastg_dri.so is the Gallium3d-based rasterizer which is considerably
> faster.
> However, actually only swrast_dri.so is used, so should we:
> 1) switch to swrastg, drop swrast (Fedora in Nov 2010)
> 2) keep it as is, unused (~4 MB)
> 3) move swrastg to libdri-drivers-experimental (Ubuntu in Jun 2010,
>    Debian a week ago) which nouveau is probably moving out of
> 4) drop swrastg completely for now (seemingly OpenSUSE)
> Unfortunately I have no idea on the status of swrastg beyond the above
> distro information, and the fact that it does indeed work as tested
> while writing this, and XBMC runs smoother with it than with swrast.
> I'd be somewhat inclined to follow Fedora here, but I'm not at all sure.
> WDYT (see also below)?

Seems 1 was more preferred in general, so I'll do that and drop legacy

> Implementation note: With a quick look I didn't find any easy way to
> switch a system to use swrastg_dri.so when both are installed; if we
> want to provide switching between them, we need to either
> a) use alternatives for swrast_dri.so, or
> b) have swrastg_dri.so in a different dir and have that path first in
>    the dri search path so that when -experimental is installed, it
>    will get preferred (while mesa has the needed code already, xserver
>    would need a trivial patch as it currently has a single search path)

Anssi Hannula

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