[Mageia-dev] KDE 4.8 alpha2

John Balcaen mikala at mageia.org
Thu Dec 15 14:26:48 CET 2011

Since mageia2 alpha is now out it's time to break cauldron a little bit :
- i'll push soon, probably tonight (in french guiana time), qt 4.7.4
without webkit
  the idea is here to push as standalone qtwebkit2.2
    --> we'll need to fix BR for packages using qtwebkit (for example
arora, rekonq etc etc )
-> i'll also push qt-mobility with some fixes since it was missing
some requires (to be able to link to Qlocate/Qsensors & others)
 so the order is qt4, qt-mobility and then qtwebkit2.2
 of course if someone wants to break it earlier feel free to push them :p

- once all Qt packages are done i'll push KDE 4.7.90 ( KDE 4.8 beta2)
   here there's again more splitted packages -> kdeutils &
kdeaccessibily has been splitted upstream.
   i did some changes regarding the requires on most of our kde -devel
package essentially by removing redundant requires already added by
our rpm.
   I probably also removed some others requires so you might need to
fix packages by adding thoses as BR for package relaying on
kdelibs-devel & others
   (this work is already done for kde's packages )
   Regarding the ibus functionnality (kdeplasma-addons) it seems now
enable by defaut i hope i did not break anything.
   Regarding kdebase4-runtime i did split out of nepomuk daemon
outside so we'll be able to provides eventually live-cd without it
installed to get some additional free space.
   It would be nice if our non nepomuk users could test kde without
this package installed to see if nothing wrongs happens (i did not
find the time so far to test it correctly but i'll be able to do it
probably next week)
   I did not test either the new dolphin ui (we might need to
reconfigure our default configuration files in mageia-kde4-config), so
you might use the vanilla-kde4-config package to use the « upstream »
kde's configuration on the xguest user for example.

 While testing kde 4.8 (or waiting for it) you could give a try to
tomahawk-player : it's a really amazing social media player.

 Just in case someone stand up & want to do the 8 hours kde's build
you can have a look to the build order here :

- Why not pushing Qt 4.8 when it's already out ?
   In fact it was in my initial plan however i noticed that they were
some bugs reports regardings some changes in Qt 4.8 which affects KDE
4.8, so i prefered for now to stick to Qt 4.7.4.
   Of course we're still be able to switch


Balcaen John
Jabber-id: mikala at jabber.littleboboy.net

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