[Mageia-dev] RFC: Drop mkinitrd completely in favour of dracut.

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Fri Dec 16 02:07:08 CET 2011

On 15.12.2011 18:36, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Thierry Vignaud at 15/12/11 16:16 did gyre and gimble:
>>>>>> Though, as Harald says, it might prove to be slow, since we'd have to
>>>>>> compare every alias of every module considered by dracut against the
>>>>>> system modalias list... Well, I guess we'll see.
>>>> Yeah I guess it would be good to have the this cached into some kind of
>>>> matrix, but that might be a bit tricky in sh...
>> perl rules!
> :)
>> More seriously, ever heard of modprobe --resolve-alias?
> Ohh, that could indeed do most of the hard work.

Right, we could run all the modaliases through it and then get a simple
module list to compare against (dunno why I didn't think of that).

One problem with that is that -R is fairly new, but dunno if that is a
problem. It can also be emulated with -ivn and filtering, though, if

> Anssi just in case you work on this over the holidays, I think Harald
> might not be about much until the new year... just in case you try to
> poke him on IRC for any reason.


Anssi Hannula

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