[Mageia-dev] ANN: X11 now starts on tty1

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Sun Dec 18 16:43:16 CET 2011

On Sunday 18 December 2011 13:26, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:

> What happens if a user wants to boot into run level 3? He will get a
> text prompt because neither x nor any DM has started yet - where does
> he land, on VT7?

And don't forget, some users Only use text logins, and don't even have any graphical desktops installed. Especially blind users do this more often that non-blind users.

Adriane Knopper, Klaus Knoppers vife, run a text only environment, and if I understand correctly, uses more than one tty for her daily work.
A friend of mine who is blind also does this on a few machines. He started earlyer this year to experiment with running a graphical environment as his main login. But many blind users do not, and stick with the text based only environment, because they are familliar with it.

Many of our users heavily depend uppon having multible TTYs for a text based environment, and not a graphical one.
Do not forget that, while trying to implement the change.

> About displaying a graphical login - when I press Ctrl-Alt-Fn I do
> this to go to a text console, not to yet another x screen and I expect
> a prompt, not yet another graphical login.

I do this from time to time too, to recover from a game crash (ufoai). Sometimes the game crashes on exit, and won't release the screen back to the desktop. The only means of recover is a text login (ctrl-alt-f1), issuing a killall ufoai, logout from text and go back to ctrl-alt-f7.

If this prosedure with the proposed change instead will launch another graphical login, and X somehow is blocked for whatever reason, then what?

Whatever you do, Do Not completely remove the abillity to have a few simultanious text logins alongside a graphical login. The users who depend upon using a text login alongside the graphical environment are more than one should think.

Johnny A. Solbu
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