[Mageia-dev] ANN: X11 now starts on tty1

Maarten Vanraes alien at rmail.be
Sun Dec 18 23:21:39 CET 2011

Op zondag 18 december 2011 13:03:56 schreef Colin Guthrie:
> > new X sessions are started from the old session, so i vote that
> > CTRL+ALT+FX spawns a text-based login.
> They can be, but I'd vote that this should change. e.g. if you have a
> setup where you "typically" have two users logged in and session 1 is
> always "Dad" and session 2 is always "Mum", if Mum knows that she does
> ctl+alt+F2 to switch to her session when she is logged in, however in
> order to login, Dad has to already be logged in and either select the
> Switch User option, or do so from a logged screen.
> But say there has been a power cut and the machine is rebooted, Dad
> hasn't logged in but Mum wants to use "her" session on VT2 because
> that's what they are both used to.
> If she presses ctl+alt+f2 when at the login prompt, all she sees is a
> text login, this will be confusing to her. However if it spawns a new
> graphical login, then she'll appreciate she's not logged in yet and log in.
> So stand by my original suggestion that if you are running a graphical
> target, Switching to a TTY to get a "login prompt" should show you a
> graphical login prompt. If however you are only in the text level
> (multi-user.target) then you should be given text logins.
> Col

i think graphical users will use graphical ways of getting to their session 
(as does my wife), usually the current session is locked and she switches to 
her own, or she switches to her own, which causes mine to be locked.

even i do it like this instead of pressing ctrl+alt+Fx ...

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