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Frank Griffin ftg at roadrunner.com
Tue Dec 20 01:48:03 CET 2011

Florian reads both lists, so I'm pretty sure this would have been 
mentioned somewhere in Mageia-land, but I  want to add that I have 
experienced extreme delays in firefox and other apps when I run largely 
IO-intensive apps with large file buffersizes, and the workaround in 
this comment fixes this completely.  We  should consider this for our 
kernels if we haven't already.

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Subject: 	Re: [Cooker] System can stall under heavy IOs with slow 
storage devices
Date: 	Mon, 19 Dec 2011 19:36:02 +0100
From: 	Florian Hubold <doktor5000 at arcor.de>
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Am 19.12.2011 10:26, schrieb Franck Bui:
>  Hello,
>  I've noticed a regression on my system which can stall some applications
>  (most notably firefox) during very very long time (>  10 mins).
Man, you're my hero, trying to find out what causes this since some months now.
At least two thumbs up! :)
>  It's apparently related to transparent huge pages and I found that it
>  had already been described by LWN here a month ago:
>  http://lwn.net/Articles/467328/.
>  Unlike what it's stated in the article, the regression is not really
>  hard to trigger in my case: just plug a USB stick, copy on it a big
>  file, then try to use firefox...
>  To fix this, simply try to disable THP:
>    echo madvise>/sys/kernel/mm//transparent_hugepage/enabled
>  and firefox should work as expected now.
>  So, if no one objects, the plan is to simply default the THP stuff to
>  "madvise" for desktop flavour where an application has to ask
>  explicitly huge page otherwise it will be disabled.

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