[Mageia-dev] packaging savoir-vivre

Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Tue Dec 20 01:41:38 CET 2011


What do you think of marking packages on which we (or our apprentices) 
are working?

I've experienced that when we are working on a package - even if it is 
noticed on Bugzilla, Mageia-Dev or elsewhere - someone may simply 
check-out the package, bump version or make some changes (resolve a 
bug), check-in. We know that making changes in a long spec, may take 
days or even month (a lot of sources, large installation-tree, patches 
to review, consulting upstream etc), and rapid changes can do nothing good.

Today I talked on it, how to prevent a package from being localized by 
someone and simply bumped without asking.

So what do you think on marking packages that are underdevelopment?

I think it's good to just simply mark it in the 1st line of a svn-spec: 
"# (name) date message", e.g. "# (john) 2011.12.20 please don't touch 
this package, I'm working on it right now, it may take a few weeks" or 
"# (john) 2011.08.23 don't update the version, it won't match current KDE".

There is already a list of sensitive packages here 
https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Sensitive_packages maybe just it is 
sufficient for 10,000 packages distribution?

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