[Mageia-dev] boot-nonfree.iso ?

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Thu Dec 29 16:35:55 CET 2011

Frank Griffin skrev 29.12.2011 17:02:
> As I updated cauldron this morning, I noticed the above file come in.
> Can someone say exactly what it does and does not address for nonfree
> driver and firmware install issues ?

It is the standard boot.iso with added firmwares from nonfree so you can
install on hw that needs it to work (during install)

Meaning disk controllers, network cards, ...

It is still WIP, and has only (for now based on hw I can test):


I will add more later as I test it more.

I'm not sure about wireless firmware/support as stage1 does not support
it yet.

Now this does not fix the radeon-firmware issue, as this is only to
get installer running on all hw. (I probably will remove radeon-firmware
again as it's not needed/used by the installer)

For the radeon-firmware (and other nonfree firmware) issue, we still
need to fix stage2 installer.


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