[Mageia-dev] License issues with readline (MariaDB)

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Thu Dec 29 22:34:21 CET 2011

>>> A) follow upstream, and use bundled GPLv2 readline to link static against
>>> B) go back to readline-v5
>>> C) repackage debian's version of readline-gplv2 (afaik its a v5
>>> D) ignore all this legal crap and just link shared with readline v6 E)
try to use libedit, but the spec files contain buildConflicts with it,
so i'm
>>> guessing it's for a good reason.
>>> tbh: even though it's not right, my preference goes to D)
>> I understand the desire to do D, but it really, really should not be
done like that. If we cannot adhere to our own licenses, then how do we
expect any traditionally non-foss people to do it? We have to lead by
>> So personally I'd go with A and if/when another readline related GPLv3
issue crops up in the future, then we switch over to C.

> +1

Even though D) was my preference, i wasn't gonna do it :-)

ok, so A); however, in that case, i'll need some help. i'm able to build
it perfectly, however, there's something strange going on, the rpms
themselves have conflicts with eachother.

mariadb-common conflicts with mariadb-client
(and also something with readline in it, i forgot)

should i submit these to buildsystem, so you guys can help me out on this?

gonna retry this again locally tonight at least..

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