[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release kadu-0.10.1-1.mga2

Kamil Rytarowski n54 at gmx.com
Fri Dec 30 23:29:26 CET 2011

W dniu 30.12.2011 23:13, Pascal Terjan pisze:
> On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 21:24, Kamil Rytarowski<n54 at gmx.com>  wrote:
>> W dniu 30.12.2011 22:21, Kamil Rytarowski pisze:
>>> W dniu 30.12.2011 22:13, Pascal Terjan pisze:
>>>> Hi funda,
>>>> It seems you added subpackage module-mediaplayer_mpris with a requires
>>>> on mpris>= 1.0, there is not such dependency in the distribution and
>>>> I don't know what it is supposed to be given that MPRIS is a generic
>>>> api
>>> This is my package (or the package of kicer86) - we are waiting for a new
>>> feature in find-lang to implement ("--with-qt") and then we will rework the
>>> Funda's changes. Until then it will not be reedited.
>> And this package had to be "svn-locked"...
> Why?
Because the spec file is simply *not finished* AND it was hanging on the 
check.mageia.org (so every packager could take it, make submittable and 
then we would have to reedit the changes.. - and this already happened).

Please take a look: 
Funda removed a lot of data from the spec - all external modules are 

Kadu is a Polish communicator (for the Polish gadu-gadu network) and we 
need all these modules. Kicer86 also wrote his own modules - like 
history-import, so we know what we are doing.

We reversed the Funda's changes and then we got stuck on 2 issues:
1) What to do with modules that support non-existing in Mga packages 
(like this mpris) - the decision was to remove requirements and include 
an README.urpmi with an adequate warning.
2) Replace ton of %lang(xy_AB) macros (kicer86 wasted too many days to 
add them..) by an adroid Mageia find-lang macro with an parameter 
--with-qt (that support .qm files)

For the point 2 it's already under discussion with my mentor - Oliver 
(obgr) and I'm waiting for his opinion. Then I'll propose a patch for 
our rpm-mageia-utils and so on.

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