[Mageia-dev] Assigning bugs to maintainers

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Sat Oct 1 02:43:21 CEST 2011


In bugzilla, many bugs were wainting for package to have maintainers. No the 
triage team is going to assign bug requests to the package maintainer, only 
way to avoid those bugs sitting forever in untriaged state.

It doesn't mean that the maintainer is the only person able to fix the bugs, so 
feel free to help maintainers for any bugfix or enhancement request. However, 
the maintainer is responsible for the package, so having bugs assigned to 
him/her means that the maintainer manages a pool of bug reports and must try 
to have them fixed :
- by himself/herself
- by someone else (ask to a fellow packager, to an apprentice, to mageia-dev 

Being the Assignee of the bug means you are the person who cares about it, and 
tries to find ways to make the bug fixed. 

Bugs and enhancement requests to mageia-specific tools (our version of urpmi, 
of the drakxtools, etc.) are a special case because we are the upstream, so 
there's a likelyhood that their bug report count will be higher than many 
other packages ("distro" bugs + "developer" bugs). Maybe we should treat them 
in a different way, but I don't know how for now.

Once all the bugs against packages that have maintainers have been triaged, 
then we will have a better picture and will be able to think of improvements 
to the way bug reports are handled.

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde
by derogation from Triage team :)

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