[Mageia-dev] mentors + apprentices

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Sun Oct 2 08:34:30 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

We now have 44 active packagers maintaining at least one package (out of 
about 65 who qualify as packagers), as well as about 40 apprentices.  In 
the last few weeks 8 packagers have started to contribute actively (now 
maintaining from 1 to 119 packages), including alien, bcornec, eandry, 
erwan, julien, lebedov, ovitters, steletch, and zezihno.
A number have been Mandriva packagers, but at least 3 have apprenticed 
with Mageia.
(If you notice me being a little vague, they don't tell me everything ;-) )


We still need to increase the number of packagers.

We currently have 2 apprentice candidates, who would very much 
appreciate the helping hand of a mentor :

Juergen Harms (juergen_harms), who has been waiting a little over a week.
He has some personal mdv packaging experience, as well experience with 
C, perl, Unix, and good network skills.  He is interested in maintaining 
backuppc and geda.
(He speaks German, French, and English)

J-C Stiegler (jc_steigler), who has been waiting almost a week.
He is a Linux user since 1995, has a little personal rpm packaging 
experience, and is interested in packaging flightgear.
(He speaks French and English)

More info on your future apprentices at

Mentors, just let me know which apprentice you choose, and I'll update 
the tables for you.

Thanks :-)


Anyone else looking for a mentor, let me know so I can add your name as 
an apprentice candidate -- or you can do it yourself.

See also the section just above, on becoming a Mageia packager :

To find a mentor, you can also post to this list, or on IRC at freenode 

Regards :)


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