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Fri Oct 14 08:53:28 CEST 2011

On Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:00:58 +0200
philippe makowski <makowski.mageia at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> how and when will we make the move ?
> should we need to provide native systemd service files for Mageia 2 ?
> some doc from Fedora for packaging :
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines:Systemd
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:ScriptletSnippets#Systemd

I've had a very bad experience upgrading to systemd-sysvinit on my desktop Core
i3 machine. The boot took forever, and I ended up giving up, booting from a
LiveCD, and restoring the "sysvinit" package, which made booting the system OK
again. Here are the relevant logs from #systemd on Freenode (I am rindolf):

Oct 13 09:30:40 <rindolf>	Hi all.
Oct 13 09:31:02 <rindolf>	Today systemd-sysvinit replaced sysvinit (on my Mageia 2 system after a urpmi upgrade), but after I rebooted my system won't boot. It got hang at the udev step (the first one). I recall that when I rebooted, it warned me that it couldn't find libsystemd-daemons.so.1 or something like that. How can I restore booting?
Oct 13 09:45:28 <rindolf>	Anyone?
Oct 13 09:46:37 <MK_FG>	rindolf, I suspect it just hangs not being able to detect your hard drives for some reason
Oct 13 09:46:49 <MK_FG>	rindolf, In that case, it should time out after a while
Oct 13 09:47:07 <MK_FG>	rindolf, But in any case, it should help to enable debug output
Oct 13 09:47:10 <rindolf>	MK_FG: well, now after I hit Ctrl+C it continues, but hangs again.
Oct 13 09:47:17 <rindolf>	MK_FG: how can I enable debug output?
Oct 13 09:47:21 <MK_FG>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_debug_Systemd_problems
Oct 13 09:48:01 <MK_FG>	But it's all in the mans, too, if you'll end up w/o a browser
Oct 13 09:49:14 <rindolf>	MK_FG: I have a second computer.
Oct 13 10:01:29 <rindolf>	MK_FG: now it gets stuck on loading shorewall.
Oct 13 10:01:36 <rindolf>	MK_FG: it got stuck several times before
Oct 13 10:01:51 <rindolf>	MK_FG: and no matter how many times I press Ctrl+C it won't stop that.
Oct 13 10:01:59 <rindolf>	MK_FG: booting is slower than ever this way.
Oct 13 10:02:07 <MK_FG>	It should timeout eventually
Oct 13 10:02:07 <rindolf>	I thought systemd was supposed to make booting faster.
Oct 13 10:02:17 <rindolf>	MK_FG: "eventually" is the key word here.
Oct 13 10:02:17 <sztanpet>	works for me
Oct 13 10:02:38 <MK_FG>	Yeah, a minute or two by default
Oct 13 10:02:38 <rindolf>	sztanpet: what does work for you?
Oct 13 10:02:49 <sztanpet>	systemd operating as expected
Oct 13 10:03:00 <sztanpet>	but then again, i dont have your distro
Oct 13 10:03:20 <MK_FG>	But it's abnormal behavior, something should be fixed, not timeout and be killed on every boot
Oct 13 10:05:48 <rindolf>	sztanpet: someone once told me that "works for me" is the oldest excuse in the programmer's book.
Oct 13 10:05:52 <rindolf>	And it's not very helpful.
Oct 13 10:06:15 <sztanpet>	indeed
Oct 13 10:06:26 <MK_FG>	Neither is unconstructive criticism like "nothing works!"
Oct 13 10:06:38 <rindolf>	MK_FG: well, I told you what doesn't work for me.
Oct 13 10:06:55 <MK_FG>	I think you know what I mean
Oct 13 10:07:15 <rindolf>	MK_FG: no, I don't.
Oct 13 10:07:25 <MK_FG>	Well, nevermind then ;)
Oct 13 10:09:50 <bochecha>	rindolf, the default timeout can be 5 minutes (for services with legacy init scripts), did you wait that long?
Oct 13 10:16:55 <rindolf>	bochecha: some of the times.
Oct 13 10:17:20 <rindolf>	bochecha: I now tried a “failsafe” boot and systemd gets stuck on an infinite "Trying to load D-Bus" loop.
Oct 13 10:18:29 <bochecha>	possibly dbus doesn't start, and systemd tries again, and again and... ?


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