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Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Oct 14 10:35:07 CEST 2011

'Twas brillig, and Shlomi Fish at 14/10/11 07:53 did gyre and gimble:
> On Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:00:58 +0200
> philippe makowski <makowski.mageia at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> how and when will we make the move ?
>> should we need to provide native systemd service files for Mageia 2 ?
>> some doc from Fedora for packaging :
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines:Systemd
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:ScriptletSnippets#Systemd
> I've had a very bad experience upgrading to systemd-sysvinit on my desktop Core
> i3 machine. The boot took forever, and I ended up giving up, booting from a
> LiveCD, and restoring the "sysvinit" package, which made booting the system OK
> again. Here are the relevant logs from #systemd on Freenode (I am rindolf):
> Oct 13 09:30:40 <rindolf>	Hi all.
> Oct 13 09:31:02 <rindolf>	Today systemd-sysvinit replaced sysvinit (on my Mageia 2 system after a urpmi upgrade), but after I rebooted my system won't boot. It got hang at the udev step (the first one). I recall that when I rebooted, it warned me that it couldn't find libsystemd-daemons.so.1 or something like that. How can I restore booting?
> Oct 13 09:45:28 <rindolf>	Anyone?
> Oct 13 09:46:37 <MK_FG>	rindolf, I suspect it just hangs not being able to detect your hard drives for some reason
> Oct 13 09:46:49 <MK_FG>	rindolf, In that case, it should time out after a while
> Oct 13 09:47:07 <MK_FG>	rindolf, But in any case, it should help to enable debug output
> Oct 13 09:47:10 <rindolf>	MK_FG: well, now after I hit Ctrl+C it continues, but hangs again.
> Oct 13 09:47:17 <rindolf>	MK_FG: how can I enable debug output?
> Oct 13 09:47:21 <MK_FG>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_debug_Systemd_problems
> Oct 13 09:48:01 <MK_FG>	But it's all in the mans, too, if you'll end up w/o a browser
> Oct 13 09:49:14 <rindolf>	MK_FG: I have a second computer.
> Oct 13 10:01:29 <rindolf>	MK_FG: now it gets stuck on loading shorewall.
> Oct 13 10:01:36 <rindolf>	MK_FG: it got stuck several times before
> Oct 13 10:01:51 <rindolf>	MK_FG: and no matter how many times I press Ctrl+C it won't stop that.
> Oct 13 10:01:59 <rindolf>	MK_FG: booting is slower than ever this way.
> Oct 13 10:02:07 <MK_FG>	It should timeout eventually
> Oct 13 10:02:07 <rindolf>	I thought systemd was supposed to make booting faster.
> Oct 13 10:02:17 <rindolf>	MK_FG: "eventually" is the key word here.
> Oct 13 10:02:17 <sztanpet>	works for me
> Oct 13 10:02:38 <MK_FG>	Yeah, a minute or two by default
> Oct 13 10:02:38 <rindolf>	sztanpet: what does work for you?
> Oct 13 10:02:49 <sztanpet>	systemd operating as expected
> Oct 13 10:03:00 <sztanpet>	but then again, i dont have your distro
> Oct 13 10:03:20 <MK_FG>	But it's abnormal behavior, something should be fixed, not timeout and be killed on every boot
> Oct 13 10:05:48 <rindolf>	sztanpet: someone once told me that "works for me" is the oldest excuse in the programmer's book.
> Oct 13 10:05:52 <rindolf>	And it's not very helpful.
> Oct 13 10:06:15 <sztanpet>	indeed
> Oct 13 10:06:26 <MK_FG>	Neither is unconstructive criticism like "nothing works!"
> Oct 13 10:06:38 <rindolf>	MK_FG: well, I told you what doesn't work for me.
> Oct 13 10:06:55 <MK_FG>	I think you know what I mean
> Oct 13 10:07:15 <rindolf>	MK_FG: no, I don't.
> Oct 13 10:07:25 <MK_FG>	Well, nevermind then ;)
> Oct 13 10:09:50 <bochecha>	rindolf, the default timeout can be 5 minutes (for services with legacy init scripts), did you wait that long?
> Oct 13 10:16:55 <rindolf>	bochecha: some of the times.
> Oct 13 10:17:20 <rindolf>	bochecha: I now tried a “failsafe” boot and systemd gets stuck on an infinite "Trying to load D-Bus" loop.
> Oct 13 10:18:29 <bochecha>	possibly dbus doesn't start, and systemd tries again, and again and... ?

Well I'm afraid that as the guys on #systemd said, it's nigh on
impossible to say what your problem actually is without more debugging etc.

For example if you manage to get the boot to work by waiting patiently
enough then the output from systemd-analyze might point to the cause.

I suspect to be honest that it relates to some binfmt stuff or other
modprobe setups that just ultimately stall things.

It's obviously not a problem that affects other people other than
yourself so you have to ask yourself why your system is different, try
with a clean install and then add back your config until you find the issue.



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