[Mageia-dev] [packages-commits] [155472] added 2.14.2 sources

Johnny A. Solbu cooker at solbu.net
Mon Oct 17 02:36:20 CEST 2011

On Monday 17 October 2011 01:04, Pascal Terjan wrote:
> The "Oops" line is not useful to someone reading the changelog.
> It just means that you used two commits to "Update patches" instead of
> one, that does not need to appear in changelog so should be SILENCEd.

So if I comit a silent "oops patch" as the only reason and update release version as a result, won't someone starts complain that I didn't provide a reason for the commit?
(I often see this on the cooker list)

And again: Is this documented anywhere, other that in the mailinglist archive?

Johnny A. Solbu
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