[Mageia-dev] [RFC] msec (nail) can't send reports to local users accounts - require an MTA?

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Oct 17 16:39:14 CEST 2011

On Sun, 16 Oct 2011, Florian Hubold wrote:

> Well, if there are no other proposals or no patch for this proposal till 
> next weekend,
> i'll drop the change to msec default settings to not send email by default
> and will issue the update as is.
> Seems to me noone is interested in msec anymore.

I think that :
 - changing the default configuration in an update is wrong. If it's
   better that msec do not send emails by default, I think this change
   should be done in cauldron only, maybe with some note about this change
   in the release notes for Mageia 2.
 - adding a require or suggest on dma is wrong, especially in an update

Installing dma with the update will silently replace /usr/sbin/sendmail
to use dma instead of the previously installed mta, potentially breaking
email for all programs using the sendmail command.

If msec needs the sendmail command to send its email, it should require
sendmail-command, not dma or any other mta in particular, so that the
user can decide what he wants to use to send his emails.
And if we want the users to have a working mta by default, it's the job
of the installer to do it, not the msec package.

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