[Mageia-dev] Tonight's meeting

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Wed Oct 19 18:17:35 CEST 2011

Le mercredi 19 octobre 2011 17:56:24, Anne nicolas a écrit :
> Hi there
> We will have our meeting tonight. Here are proposed topics
> - Status on "ASSIGNED" tag in Bugzilla (see discussion on ML about this)
> - Quick  review of action plan for bs hardware
> - Start thinking about organization for first alpha release
> - Review of QA, triage, secteam and mentoring
> Cheers

I will probably not be able to attend tonight, so I can't do the QA review.

About the ASSIGNED status, I would advise to not lose too much time discussing 
it, as the question should be answered in a broader way by triage team (and 
those interested) by proposing a revised workflow, including but not limited 
to, the use of the ASSIGNED status (TRIAGED status, reasons for closing a bug, 

The Fedora workflow is probably a could basis that we could adapt to our 
organization (less the bodhi step):

Discussing the ASSIGNED status alone will not lead very far, and it's not 
blocking for now: currently triage team simply doesn't touch it at all, 
leaving it for the maintainer to choose), which is not far from what we did in 
Mandriva and what they do in Fedora.

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde

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