[Mageia-dev] Proposal for bug statuses and workflow

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Wed Oct 19 23:30:05 CEST 2011

Here is a workflow proposal for bug reports in bugzilla.

See the flowchart (link below) and the explanations below. Not all statuses 
will be used in every bug report, but the flowchart more or less gives the 
standard flow for bugs reported against a stable release of Mageia.


NEW: as currently, bugs are set to this status when created

NEW (+ NEEDINFO keyword): more input needed

NEW (+ Triaged keyword): bug report has been triaged by a triager or 
maintainer, and should have been assigned to the right maintainer (when 
there's one), but there's no guarantee about this.

ACCEPTED must be set by the maintainer, or a packager who decides to fix the 
bug for the maintainer. It doesn't mean that the packager is actively working 
on the fix, but shows that he/she is willing to whenever possible. Setting a 
bug report to accepted acknowledges that the triager assigned to the right 
person AND that this person saw that the bug report was assigned to him/her. 
In case of a bug assigned to a maintainer group (when there will be), setting 
the status to ACCEPTED means that the group is OK to handle the bug report, 
but it does not mean that someone from the group is already working on it. See 
the next status for that.

IN_PROGRESS can be set by the packager who is working on the bug. It is not 
mandatory, this status can be skipped. However, it is advised to use it to 
give better feedback to both triagers and bug reporters.

TESTING is set when assigning to QA Team (ideally bugzilla would automatically 
assign to QA when someone puts the TESTING status in a stable release).

VALIDATED is set by QA team once testing ends. It means that the update can be 
pushed (replaces the validated_update keyword)

CLOSED replaces RESOLVED, because I think it's nicer for the bug reporter if 
we "close" bugs rather than consider them "resolved" when the reason for 
closing is WONT-FIX, DUPLICATE, OLD, etc., statuses that obviously don't match 
the meaning of "RESOLVED".

ASSIGNED status disappears, because it was ambiguous. UNCONFIRMED disappears, 
it was unused already.

Here are the proposed Resolutions:
NOT_A_BUG (replaces INVALID with a more neutral term)
INSUFFICIENT_DATA (new resolution for bugs closed due to lack of data)
CANT_FIX (it's too difficult to fix it, or there's a reason why we can't fix it)
WONT_FIX (we don't *want* to fix it)

Best regards

Samuel Verschelde

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