[Mageia-dev] Please test: initscripts+systemd in updates_testing

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Oct 31 18:47:36 CET 2011

'Twas brillig, and Thomas Backlund at 31/10/11 17:06 did gyre and gimble:
> Michael Scherer skrev 31.10.2011 18:07:
>> Le dimanche 30 octobre 2011 à 14:19 +0200, Thomas Backlund a écrit :
>>> I'm saying moving the stuff that is _really_ needed, not based on "udev
>>> might run"...
>>> well, thinking some more on it I guess the real design flaw (not systemd
>>> specific) is using all of udev in init. Init should not care about more
>>> than getting disc access (and probably network for pxe  boots)
>> That's the point that Lennart make, ie :
>> "we used to have / to mount all partition and /usr to be mounted, now,
>> we have initramfs to mount /, and then / to mount /usr, so it would be
>> simpler to merge / and /usr"


> Just have initramfs mount / and /usr, no need to merge.

Yes, this is exactly what is intended, but it depends on the use case:

For simple installs, such as on my laptop or typical "desktop" linux,
then having separate / and /usr is something I've specifically avoided
for just about ever (I sometimes have separate /boot for "complicated
rootfs" reasons and I almost always have a separate /home, but other
than that, I like to keep my desktops/laptops simple). In other words
there just are not sufficient benefits in doing this.

But on the server, especially on a farm of servers with a potentially
shared /usr across several machines, then yes, keeping it as something
that can be mounted by the initramfs is perfectly feasible. This is a
specific use case that Lennart + Co are trying to design for.



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