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Balcaen John mikala at mageia.org
Thu Sep 1 00:16:21 CEST 2011

Le mercredi 31 août 2011 18:27:26, Zé a écrit :
> 2011/8/30 John Balcaen <mikala at mageia.org>:
> The changes i made in kdelibs, that binaries in kde are only for
> development so i moved them to devel package and were reverted.
> Like dmorgan said all coomits i do even if were good commits would be
> reverted if not reviewed by you, that was some he just invented and
> that i never agreed.
> And as we agreed, only important changes should be discussed like it
> happened with the improvemenet i was planing to do to Qt.

The problem here is that *you* 're deciding own your own what is important to 
discuss & what is not...

> >> You were also who started doing all by own way, you didnt discuss with
> >> me anychanges, for example the changes you made in wiki.
> >> For example you add severall items to Golds section without discussing
> >> any, they should be first added as proposals so that could be first
> >> discussed in a meeing.
> > 
> > Because thoses changes/proposal where *already* decided *before* you even
> > come to KDE, i simply wrote them down.
> > Of course that does not mean that we won't change the goal after, it is
> > not like it was written in the stone... it's a *wiki*...
> Thats not quite true, since for example i suggested that the lib
> packages could start being named only with a underscore instead
> dashes, and you acted like that was already decided, seams you were
> the only one who decided.
Maybe you can check how others librairies in others packages are named before 
saying that i decided on my own to use  underscore...

> I never acted like kde was mine, there were some commits i made in the
> begining but i remember we did had a conversation and i start
> discussing things, 
> and as we agreeed discussing important things, as
> for the rest i think is preferable to just not comment...
So could you explain now why you still continue in this way by changing things 
without asking...
But i guess it's not only for kde because i noticed you suddenly start 
obsoleting kernel-firmware-extra without even asking to tmb if it was a good 
From your point of view again it was good enough so you did not take your time 
to discuss with someone else at least with the kernel maintainer for this kind 
of stuff
This *the* problem with you, you simply refuse to talk about your commits 
because you are too confident with your changes...


> And again seams your putting words in my mouth, like i liked you to
> leave...

What should i think then if you keep doing things when i'm not agree with ?

> >> I think if we continued as a team without dmorgan interventions we
> >> would continue in the right path for Mageia grow and stability.
> > 
> > I would better say that it would be better *without* you until you're
> > okay to discuss your changes
> > before commiting them or *even* better as i said in a previous private
> > email *TEST THEM* locally
> > by building them in a iurt chroot (& yes i already sent you the
> > documentation i used to create my
> > iurt repository locally) instead of commiting & fixing build errors by
> > submitting it in the BS.
> Yes, i tend to agree that at that time you didnt had others
> contributing or that could have a more active role and that always
> never disagree of your ideas, and all was like you wanted, wrongly or
> not. As i remember for example fixing severall things wrong in qt
> spec, many existing requires(pre) when there wasnt any %pre section.
I'm quite sorry but the majority of my changes were discussed with others (aka 
ahmad,ennael,coling & dmorgan) & some of them where also rejected by ennael 
for example...
I also ask for specific help regarding packaging to dmorgan (since he's the rpm 
maintainer)  but sometimes also ask help to my old mentor neoclust in mandriva 
so no i did do changes for  my own satisfaction ....

> > So in summary please don't target anyone else when you're the culprit
> > with your attitude.
> > Again that does not mean that all your commits are wrong but sometimes
> > you changed the behavior
> > simply because you think it's better, for example recently you add a
> > patch on kdeutils (
> > http://svnweb.mageia.org/packages/cauldron/kdeutils4/current/SPECS/kdeuti
> > ls4.spec?r1=128724&r2=134478 ) to remove  a simple rm -rf in a spec.
> > Is it wise to patch (& maintain a patch because i'm not sure you
> > submitted it upstream) when we can simply remove thoses files in the
> > spec ?
> Yes, thats the correct way to build kdeutils without printer_applet,
> not just removing files, but i think that patch will be submited
> upstream.

Maybe you did not read me...
I strictly did not write or say that thoses changes were wrong, but that it 
was not discussed at all *even* if they are correct because from what i just 
read you did not submit the patch upstream...
Again it's because you think it's the right thing to do you're doing it 
without even discussing it with me at least...

> That was already done after you started with that behaviour, but i
> also never see you discussing any change you made.
> Thats true, you never discuss any change, at least i never saw it.
> If theres a kde team, you and all kde members should discuss things,
> and maybe reach some agreement about whats really important to
> discuss, if dicuss all or just discuss more important changes, since
> discussing all can also delays development.

because you're not always around in #mageia-kde or #mageia-dev...
I did asked you to join first this channel if you want to join/help on #mageia-
kde, didn't i ?
I'm exchanging mails with luc & dmorgan...
When i did somes changes in mageia-theme package, there was first a bug report 
for having mageia theme available in KDE even if i was able to simply commit 
in svn i first report the patch for the spec in the bugzilla, and i asked 
ennael's opinion about this when it was just a *minor* stuff affecting only 
*kde* where i'm the maintainer... That's how i work in a team & this only what 
i need you to do and asked you already to do but you're still refusing it 
arguing that « only » important changes should be done when you're the only 
one to decide what is important & what is not... That's the problem & only one 
problem i've got with you but you still do not understand i guess & refuse to 
comply to my suggestions...

Anyway it seems we won't be able to resolve this either in private or in 
public and i *really* doubt i will be able to work with you since we're not 
agree at all about commit's stuff..
There's also the fact that others peoples on the mailing list should not be 
affected by thoses dicusssions so it ends here for me.
I'll wait for the discussion with you and ennael to put a definitive end on 


P.S: sorry again for this last mail.
Balcaen John
Jabber-ID: mikala at jabber.littleboboy.net

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