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Sujet: [Mageia-discuss] Switiching window decoration
Date : Fri, 09 Sep 2011 15:50:43 +0200
De : Thorsten van Lil <tvl83 at gmx.de>
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Hi folks,

the artwork team discussed to change the window decoration and abandon
IaOra, because it is old-fashioned and it is a lot of work to maintain.

Therefore, a new default window decoration is needed, which is available
for all environments (KDE, GNOME, Qt, GTK+), well maintained and looks

As far as we know, Oxygen matches all these requirements. Oxygen exists
for all environments with the same maintainers for it. Thus, we would
like to discuss to switch to Oxygen as the default window decoration for
Mageia 2.

One disadvantage would be, that Mageia looses one unique feature, as it
uses a "generic" window decoration. But it would also be a well
maintained, good looking, up to date window decoration, which also
supports special (KDE) features like the tabbing mode.

Please let us know, what you think about. Most interesting are technical
aspects, we might forgot, but also your "feeling" with it.


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