[Mageia-dev] New packager

Listes ( José Jorge) lists.jjorge at free.fr
Thu Sep 15 13:26:44 CEST 2011

well, as I have finished my learning time, I was asked to introduce myself ;-)

so "zezinho" is a french guy, who came from Portugal. He started helping FOSS 
translating Mandriva to portuguese until "zé" started doing a better job. 

I have 3 childs, from 12 to 7 years old, so I thought I could help packaging 
lots of games : I have testers ;-)

I started packaging abandonware DOS games : http://jjorge.free.fr (Yes I know 
this will never end into an official repo).

As I try not to hack too much, I'll be rarely on IRC, and hope no security 
bugs will be found on games ;-)

Ah, and another way to know me : I commited an open-source short stop-motion 
thing, here is the advertisement : http://lachuteduneplume.free.fr/

Thanks for your attention


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