[Mageia-dev] Disabling hybernation

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Thu Sep 29 04:42:41 CEST 2011

JA Magallon a écrit :
> Hi...
> I have several boxes running Cauldron and some of them go suspend
> (or hiberante, I don't know) after some time, so I can't access them
> from the network.
> The curious thing is that only suspend the boxes that are running gdm,
> some gui-less servers just keep awake perfectly.
> So I suspect this is a problem with gdm's own settings.
> How can I disable suspend/hibernate completely ? How can I check if
> gdm is the culprit ?

I'd say it probably is.  I use gnome, and with the conversion to gnome 3 
(which started in 2.x), suspend/hibernate is among the things that no 
longer work properly for me.

First, note that my computer display is in French, so the English 
translation may be approximate.  (And you wouldn't want to see my 
attempts at Spanish.)

Run gnome-power-preferences (from console),
or from the preferences menu select "power management preferences"

Find the line, "Suspend computer if inactive since:", and set the value 
to "Never"
(Alternives are 10 min, 30 min, 1 h, 2 h if you have the right place.)

There is a checkbox for "shut down the hard disks if possible".
If you still have problems, you probably want to uncheck that.
However on my system it never shuts down the disks, even if checked.

There is also a line to "Suspend the screen if inactive since:"
I had to set this to "Never" to avoid the screen turning off 
permanently, forcing me to do a hard reboot to see the screen again.
So if you have similar problems, try that.
However, if it works without problems, it will make your monitor last a 
lot longer.
(I had a client in the past who tested this.  It made a considerable 



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